Public Administration

Public Administration

The field of Public Administration and Policy is concerned with running government organizations and agencies. Civil service today is more than meets the eye – much of public policy administration has to do with coming up with innovative ways to meet ever-changing public needs, sometimes with an ever-shrinking coffer. To do it, administrators integrate economics, social psychology, ethics, political science, and much more.

Public administrators must have a firm understanding of business policies if they are to be successful. They strive to meet basic needs and desires with as little money as necessary – learning to manage efficiently is essential.

Education and Training

Most public administration programs are at the graduate level; the degree is usually called a Masters in Public Administration, or MPA. It may be found in the business department or the political science department. Either way, the program will integrate courses from both.

As a public administration student, expect to complete a lot of group projects as well as individual projects to demonstrate your leadership ability. Much of public administration is studying the history of the field and how it affects public policy now. You'll need a firm grasp of local, state, national, and international issues. Coursework includes ethics, organizational and human behavior, administration, costing, and more.

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